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Today marks a special day, a day to honor dad. As my readers are mostly comprised of mothers, it feels important to call out a special honoring today, to our fathers.

This morning, my husband was celebrated with Facetime chats and a special dinner  planned for him. It wasn’t until I sat down to my morning meditation practice that I was filled with emotion. Tears began streaming down my face — missing my own dad, who passed on 4 1/2 years ago. Ever since my dad died I feel I have been able to connect with him. I want to talk about our special connection through the number five, but more later.

Today I experienced something special too.

During my meditation, I felt my dad’s presence. As the tears rolled down my cheeks I began to sense his presence, I felt him. It was as if he was right here with me. I could feel him tickling my hand and stroking my head, as if he was trying to express love and comfort. It was something quite extraordinary and yet at the same time so natural and beautiful.

Today, honor the fathers in your life. Past and present.

I wrote this previous post about my dad’s love for books, which includes a list of my favorite books. Enjoy: in gratitude for books.