Truewellbeing by Elizabeth Irvine





I consider myself a generally healthy and happy person. I eat well, exercise, meditate, sleep and feel supported by my relationships. I also suffer with chronic eczema. This skin rash can present itself as a small irritation, or can escalate into a raw, heat-inflamed, intensely uncomfortable whole body rash.

Over decades of practice, I have come to understand my eczema outbreaks as a representation of many factors. One in the forefront being — the cost of hidden stress, the wear-and-tear of daily living that over time effects my mind-body link. This proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” manifests into physical symptoms, which I have come to refer to as my “magic mirror”. My skin desperately trying to get my attention. Even though my skin condition is annoying and sometimes suffering, I have made friends with my skin and honestly now feel gratitude that I have a barometer to keep me in check. I now pay close attention to all aspects of healthy living.

Ancient wisdom tells us pillars of health— food as our medicine, daily moderate exercise, relaxation of mind through meditation, a good night’s rest and to feel emotional support through relationship are the foundation of a happy and healthy life. To practice these ways of living takes dedication and inspiration.
Through our Soul Space retreats we re-connect to these foundational pillars of great health and happiness — through healthy food, exercise, relaxation, rest and human connection, we find this place of renewal. We named the retreats Soul Space for the safe and secure community of friendship, support, and encouragement to follow this new way of living — all wrapped into a serene and beautiful surrounding creates a weekend of truewellbeing.

Allie, Sarah and I welcome this opportunity in late summer’s cool mountain air within the sacred springs. Retreats are one of the things that bring us much joy and sense of community.

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