Truewellbeing by Elizabeth Irvine




What causes the beauty of a gemstone to resonate with you?

As you learn to combine the power of a gemstone’s energy with the soulful clarity of an affirmation, you’ll gain insight and comfort. This awareness begins to create shifts in your life that can lead to greater health, a sense of calm, more joy, or a deeper purpose. You can create the life your soul is asking you to live, and you can begin now.

Meditations from the Earth is a gorgeous example of Elizabeth’s unique talent to combine her yoga practice, her writing and her keen eye for design into a simply lush book that has the power to remind us of our true selves.

For me, this book has a treasured place on a shelf with other books dear to my heart and I know to reach for it when I am looking for a bit of inspiration or calm. The affirmations are priceless in themselves (In my balanced state, I claim the power of my inner vision.), but somehow their power is increased when combined with the gorgeous images of the gems.
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As a child I remember feeling a special connection to the mineral realm. One of my favorite things to do was to look for special rocks to collect (which I then stored in a box under my bed). For my tenth birthday, my parents bought me a birthstone ring.

The idea that this golden topaz gemstone resonated with the day of my birth made me feel so connected to the gem, and it felt like a special relationship, wearing my birthstone on my finger. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on the feeling that a stone can give, and that one can receive (if you are open)…

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editorial review:

This is one of those rare books that I keep by my bedside. I return to it again and again as a gentle reminder that everything is provided to us, and through meditation and the earth’s precious gifts, I have access to it. So beautifully written.
— Jodie King, artist and educator