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What mother doesn’t want a healthy happy child? As a former ICU nurse who builds from a solid scientific base, and adding a good dash of a mother’s common sense in this comforting, easy-to-follow guide, Healthy Mother Healthy Child, Elizabeth tackles topics from childhood obesity to calming techniques for children to ways your family can go “green” — creating health from the inside out.

An integrative approach to health care which encompasses body, mind and spirit
— Andrew Weil, M.D., NYT best selling author, ‘godfather’ of integrative medicine
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It’s another routine weekday. Everyone up early, scrambling with the morning ritual of getting children to school and adults to work, all on time. Shoulders are heavy with stress from job deadlines, homework, chaotic after-school activities, and the spin cycle of getting up and doing it all again tomorrow. Simultaneously attempting to plan a quick dinner menu and pack healthy lunches it seems everybody has some kind of complaint: a runny nose, a dull headache, “I can’t focus at school,” or didn’t sleep well.

As a mother, it can seem nearly impossible to create health and happiness, not only for yourself but for your whole family. But even though I still have mornings like the one above, I am here to tell you that once you discover health and happiness begins from the inside out, it really is possible to feel good for no reason, everyday.

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Simple yoga, relaxation techniques, good nutrition and family rituals teach parents how to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
— NOLA Baby, on the previous edition