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Familia Love  watercolor by Elizabeth Irvine, Santa Fe, NM

Familia Love watercolor by Elizabeth Irvine, Santa Fe, NM

Happy New Year.  
As I write down a few goals to reach for in 2019– it dawns on me… the single most important place where I can put my energy?

The act which brings me the most clarity, the most courage, the most healing and wisdom? My meditation practice.

For the past twenty-two years I have practiced meditation. Each day, I dedicate time to sit quietly with my eyes closed and focus on my breath, body and sometimes a mantra or to visualize breathing in colors. I firmly believe the dedication to my practice has shifted my life in such positive ways that the tangible benefits are why I continue to do it.

So for 2019, my most important goal is to increase my closed-eye meditation time. I feel by announcing this commitment, I am somehow more accountable for my actions.

When I first learned to meditate I listened to a cassette tape my teacher made for me. My intention is to  offer the same for you. To keep you on track with your own meditation practice, here are 89 free podcasts that end with a guided meditation.
Here are 3 podcasts Just Breathe, Heart Space and Rainbow Colors.

with love,