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Just as I practice yoga to keep my muscles flexible, my intuitive muscle needs to be ‘flexed’ regularly to remain open and accurate. When I do this, a powerful intuitive “knowingness” leads the way and it can feel nothing short of magic.

The e-course Inner Compass will provide you with tools to develop your own confidence to trust your gut instincts and allow your sixth sense to become as strong as your other five senses.

Wake up your sixth sense with this simple (yet not always easy) practice
One of my favorite ways to teach others about how to use your instincts, to feel what your gut is trying to tell you is using this simple, yet not always easy practice. Take a moment now to try this exercise. Think of a question you have about something so the answer is yes or no. Now invite in a moment of quiet stillness. Take a few focused breathes in and out to allow yourself time to feel more relaxed and detached from the outcome of your question. Allow your sixth sense to “wake up”. Now ask your question. You will receive an answer.

You may not want to hear what the answer is, however this is how I see it. If the answer is not clear and you are not sure about the message you received, that means no. When the answer is clear and strong then, that means yes. If you don’t get a strong confident yes, then that is a no. What I mean by “no” is that there is not clarity to move forward and so you take that information as you need time to wait until there is clarity with a strong sense of what to do.


INNER COMPASS a course in developing your intuition

the course includes:

a short video about a personal experience

content on how to develop your intuition in PDF and Podcast format (in case you prefer to listen instead of read)

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