Truewellbeing by Elizabeth Irvine





Something quite ordinary and yet extraordinary happened today. A sign from above, an Earth angel appeared.

Let’s step back a couple of days to tell you the complete story. 

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This weekend I read SIGNS by Laura Lynn Jackson. I loved her first book, THE LGHT BETWEEN US and was excited to read her latest—my enthusiasm of her topic propelled me to read her whole book in a day. 

In Laura Lynn’s new book she talks about how to connect to our own team of light; angels or perhaps a loved one who has passed on. She says, “Yes, they send us signs and they’re very good at it, but they still need us to engage with them to expand the possibilities of communication by creating new symbols of meaning—and strengthening the chords of light between us.” She says these signs “shine light on the darkness and give us a new and more empowering way of seeing the world around us.”


She talks about how our signs come in numerous ways, but some particular signs are more easy for “the other side” to get in touch with us. These signs are: coins, songs, animal messengers, sequence of numbers. At some stage I will share the story of how my dad and I connect through the number 5. 


Laura Lynn also says, “ our lives are interconnected, and because of this, the things we do to and for one another have far-reaching consequences we don’t always get to see while we are here on Earth. While we are here, we each follow our own path through life, but our paths intersect with other people’s paths, and theirs with ours. AND these intersections are very meaningful—they are opportunities for us to play important roles in one another’s lives, from offering support and guidance to, yes even saving a life. What I have seen in my thousands of readings is that the Other Side uses these points of intersection to help steer us to our highest path. The Other Side also enlists people to be here on earth to be part of our Teams of Light—people who help guide us toward those paths. I call these people light workers.”

 Jackson says, “Light workers, without even knowing it, are contracted to do the Other Side’s work here on earth. They facilitate the flow of ideas and connections and signs among others, sometimes just by being at the right place at the right time, sometime by bringing their unique skills and gifts to a certain situation.


My husband, son and I took a 4.5 mile hike through the mountains yesterday. Remote in the deep forest I said to them let’s pick a sign that shows we are on the “right path” in our life. My husband chose a butterfly ( later on the trail a big white butterfly circled him), our Son said “ I will know it when I see it”, and I chose a coin (I thought, spirit is really going to have to work some magic for this to happen in the middle of the forest). 


I didn’t see a coin along our trail but I didn’t give up hope either. I have come to trust in divine timing. The next morning I drive our son to the airport. I need to fill up my car with gasoline and don’t really want to stop near the airport’s sketchy area, but decide anyway. I pull into the 7-Eleven, get out of my car and a homeless woman appears, startling me, asking for money. I think to myself, why did I stop here? I decided to stay anyway and started the pump.  Driving for an hour I feel stiff and I stretch my body in a gentle twist while waiting for my tank to fill up. I notice a larger middle age man approach me. He stops to tell me, he too is suppose to stretch as he has a pulled muscle in his back. He says, “My wife thinks it’s my sciatica”. Then he proceeds to demonstrate to me how he does his stretch. He leans his hands on the trash can and begins to stretch out his short stocky legs, in this position he looks down to the ground. At this moment, we both notice a shiny coin, a dime wedged under the trash can. He picks it up. I think to myself, my coin has appeared! I told him, see this dime as a sign that you are suppose to keep doing these stretches. They will help your back. He turned to me, with the most genuine big bright smile on his face and says, “you are an earth angel sent from Heaven to give me this message.” He gives me a big hug and says, “have a blessed day” and walked on to his car.

As I got in my car and drove off,  he give me a huge smile and send-off wave from across the parking lot. He then turns and I see him doing his stretches. I thought to myself spirit moves in mysterious and beautiful ways. Who was the earth angel—him or me? Can you be open to the idea that an earth angel, or sign is patiently waiting for you to notice? 

Trust me when I say, Laura Lynn Jackson writes her books as a means to use her gifts. In doing this, she turns them into TREASURES for us all.