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a moment’s peace

A Moment’s Peace: A Mom’s Guide to Creating Calm Amidst Chaos is the perfect antidote to the ever-increasing speed of modern life. The idea is simple but ever-challenging: finding peace in the midst of motherhood.

Designed for those who may only have 10 minutes a day to call their own, this guide provides busy moms with the needed skills and techniques to create their own sense of peace and face daily challenges from a calm and grounded place. Maintaining that well-being comes from the inside, the guide teaches mothers to look at life with fresh eyes and to empower themselves to change the way they respond to their often chaotic and stressful environments.

Just holding this book will open your heart. And once you open the pages, you’ll feel wave after wave of soft moments of peace flow over you. The beauty, care and love in this book are palpable. I highly recommend it!
— Denise Linn, best-selling author of Sacred Space

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Your turn for carpool. Dinner unmade. Orthodontist appointment call scheduled. Text from husband: co. downsizing again. who’s next? How can one more minute, and one more worry, be squeezed into your day?

If your life is anything like mine—and what mom’s isn’t?—at least some part of the scenario above rings some bells for you. What would you do for a moment’s peace? Lock yourself in the bathroom? Leverage your house? Sell your soul? Anything? If you’re an average mom, you need a moment’s peace more than anyone else, and you probably feel like a simple moment’s peace is also entirely beyond your reach.Let’s face it, as wonderful as motherhood is, it can feel like a continual series of interruptions, your every thought and task fragmented as your attention is continually pulled in different directions. Not so unlike my experience—not only as a mother, but as a nurse in a large hospital working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the heart-wrenching section of the hospital that houses critically ill infants.

It was my first job out of college, and it was overwhelming. I was twenty-two years old, green, fresh out of school, and scared.

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editorial review:

When I need help with my ongoing resolution to stay calmer and more present with my kids, this is the guide I’ll reach for.
— Miriam Peskowitz, author, Daring Book for Girls, and host, PBS’ Daring Kids