Truewellbeing by Elizabeth Irvine




Integrative health expert, nurse, yoga instructor and author, Elizabeth Irvine, offers health and spiritual counsel in her soulful workshops & retreats. Irvine and her team lead retreats for intimate groups in locations around the world.

Whether Elizabeth works with a group for an hour, full day or weekend retreat, her ability to translate ancient wisdom into every day language relaxes, inspires and empower others. Her experience as a speaker and workshop presenter is vast and includes resorts such as Miraval, AZ and Cal a Vie, CA; as well as corporations such as Kate Spade, The Jung Center, and M.D. Anderson’s Integrative Medicine Program.

With her practical, clear, and simple advice, Elizabeth keeps our feet on the ground while simultaneously inspiring us also to look within and connect to a higher force.
— Swami Vedantananda Saraswati


As always, y’all are masters of crafting an experience!
— Misha Laird, Houstonian Yoga Program Coordinator
Elizabeth’s work is transformative. She safely and compassionately guides you to a deeper sense of self through her workshops on intuition, affirmations and meditation.
— Elaine
I used Elizabeth Irvine for a corporate female retreat and the whole family was amazing to us. Our attendees loved the yoga and meditation session. The messaging and female empowerment was the perfect ending to our weekend.
— Laura
Loved it. Felt I can actually implement the tools you taught us, that it wasn’t something I just experienced for the day. I can enjoy the experience whenever. Simplicity given is wonderful.
— Ana
Elizabeth Irvine’s Yoga and Meditation retreat became the catalyst for changing the trajectory of my year. Through her compassionate teaching, I was able to embrace my true soul calling and make life-long friends at the same time.
— Jodie
Elizabeth Irvine classes are the perfect balance of physical and mental workout and inspiration. And if you’re lucky enough to join one of her retreats, prepare for a uniquely truthful experience — a combination of fun camaraderie, inner awareness and a peacefulness that stays with you as you go back to the crazy real world.
— Jenna